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Privacy Policy

Word of Assurance
We the dedicated crew of JigiDeals which is a business venture of Cloudsky Innovations pledge to cater the users with a secure and robust platform through our official website; where the maintenance of the privacy of the users and their information along with the relevant data is our foremost priority. Whether you are our loyal users or the browsers of our website we maintain the privacy with the equivalent priority. Your privacy is our liability. Our recommendation to you is that make sure you thoroughly undergo the privacy policy of our website in order to have the insight of the data you feed us and the implementation of the same by us.

When you browse and navigate our website it may be possible that you may land to a third party domain or the website which is inclusive in the spectrum of our services offered. The information you share with these third party domains are subjected to their privacy policies respectively.

Therefore JigiDeals has no role to play between the communication process between you and these third party websites. Our privacy policy is confined to and is not liable to safeguard your information which you share with these third party websites. We highly encourage you to clarify your doubts and be cautious before sharing your personal information with others. We are not contracted to support and assure the authenticity of the products or the information sold or displayed on these third party websites. Moreover the link does not refer to the relation or concern with these domains with our website jigiDeals.

What Information do we acquire from you?
1. Personal Information It is noticeable that the shared user information or the details availed on the public domain like forums can be reached by all the website users and the web traffic of the website. So we urge you to be alert and precautious pre sharing of your personal details publicly as the publicly shared information as this information is vulnerable to get misused without much effort. Conclusively JigiDeals does not offer the support or either we are not subjected to any abusage of your information which you share with the third party domains or the websites or parties alien to our website We cordially invite you to be a part of our discussion forums to share your ideas and experiences along with your valuable suggestions which will assist us in keeping you well updated about our latest deals, services or products, discounts and exclusive offers to render you a pleasurable navigational ride converted into shopping experience. JigiDeals does not use your personal details as a commodity of commerce and trade. Thus we do not sell or share your information in any way but do remember we do not shoulder the responsibility of your publicly shared information as mentioned above.

2. Employment of Aggregate Data- Apart from the personal details JigiDeals will also collect the technical aspects and the relevant data which envelops your browser type, IP address, operating system, ISP along with the URL of the previously visited website by you when you visit our website. This information might not be absorbed in order to identify you individually. This non-personal information is being employed by us is subjected to numerous objectives like- i. Management of the website ii. Troubleshooting of the connection issues iii. Gathering of Demographic information iv. Determination of the ways how the visitors use our website v. Frequency of specific visitor vi. Duration of the overall browsing of our website vii. Navigation of the pages viii. Association cemented with cooperation with the applicable legal activities etc.

3. Cookies- Our website JigiDeals either by the internet server or via the consumption of the “cookies” automatically generates the non-personal information of our users. Cookies are the small text files which are placed on the hard drive of your computer system by our website for identification of the replicate users and provide the assistance to the users of our website. In addendum our cookies allow a site to take note of consumer behaviour and gather the overall data in order to enhance the content, marketing and the target advertising on our website.
Our business associates also use the cookies on our website Take note of the fact that JigiDeals may not handle the use of the cookies by the third party websites and the advertisers. Some browsers deny the cookies but remember cookies assist you in exploring the features of the website in a better way.

4. Security The administrators of our website JigiDeals make every possible attempt to preserve your personal information. But in contrast JigiDeals is not responsible for any rupture of security. If the users share their personal information on a public platform such as forums etc. then the users must be aware of the fact that their shared information can be used by third party websites which implies that these activities have no role of JigiDeals to play with.

5. Attention Kids- Children who are under 18 years of age are not allowed to reveal their information on our website JigiDeals until and unless they are under the mentorship of their parents/guardians. Jigideals is not liable to manage the users of below 18 years of age. JigiDeals possess the authority to amend this privacy policy anytime. But a message alert will be posted on our website before we make any alterations in the existing privacy policy of our website. In the case if we choose to make amendments in our privacy policy then we will surely post the key points mentioning the changes made in the privacy policy on the homepage and other crucial locations. And we believe that the users of our website are well updated to the alterations in the privacy policy which indicates that that they are aware of the information we acquire from them and the utilization of that information under which circumstances, if exists we definitely will reveal that to our users. We employ the personal data of our users in concern and relevance with the privacy policy subjected during the gathering of that data or information.

Disclaimer- Our Website JigiDeals does not claim or favour the authenticity of the information, services or the products these sites offer. We are not allied or either have any association with the linked sites. All the information or the material displayed on our website JigiDeals is meant for the purpose to fulfil the need of general information.